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About us

Parry Family Parrys - Ryan, Emily, Joanne, Steve, Paige and Ransom

Welcome to northeast Colorado and Parry Angus! Please join us for our 24th Annual Bull Sale which will be held on Monday, March 14, 2022, 1pm. at our farm 9 miles north of Sterling.

We are a family farming and ranching business started by Steve and Joanne in the early 70's with a modest forty acres. Through the years our operation has grown to 1500 acres of cropland and 2000 acres of pasture, and now includes our son Ryan and wife Emily, and their children Ransom and Paige. We also have two daughters: Kelli and husband Tyrun Huwa, and grandkids Ryker, Tegan, Hadley, Maverick, Kendry and Brynn, who farm near Keenseburg, CO; and (Dr.) Traci, and husband Josh Scheetz, who works at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, researching heart disease.

Our farm is located in the South Platte River valley where we raise irrigated corn, alfalfa, grass, Angus and SimAngus cattle. Our cows start calving in early January and are AI bred in April, spending the summer on grass (sometimes very short grass when the weather is dry!) and winter on cornstalks. Our mother cows are the backbone of our operation-they need to calve easily and on time, raise a big calf and breed back. We believe great cows make great bulls. We strive to raise balanced trait, problem free cattle with good dispositions, moderate frame size, good udders, outstanding carcass and maternal qualities, as well as being phenotypically pleasing. We are never complacent. Just in the same manner we start looking forward to the next year's corn crop after each harvest, we are also always looking for ways to improve our cattle, striving for genetic excellence and completeness.

We have been in the registered seedstock business for more than 20 years and sell approximately sixty bulls at auction each year. Our goal is to provide outstanding bulls that will make a positive impact on the herd where they will work. We are proud of our operation and have been truly blessed by the many customers who continue to buy our bulls every year. We feel fortunate to have been able to raise our kids in an agricultural environment. After all, what could be more important than providing food for the world--as well as teaching important values such as work ethic, honesty, integrity and humbleness.

Thank you for visiting our website. Call or stop by our farm anytime-Visitors are Always Welcome!

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